Goodbye Gravity Experience

Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction

adidas is known for paving new roads and with the Ultraboost 20, they dared to boldly go where no sneaker has gone before. To celebrate the shoe that marked a partnership with the International Space Station and adidas, we were tasked with creating an immersive consumer experience that would reverberate throughout social media and drive brand hype.

I lead a multi-disciplinary team to create a space-themed, AR-driven escape room and out-of-this-world brand experience for adidas and their retail partner, Finish Line.


“Stranded on a foreign planet, a small group of space travelers must band together and repair their escape pod and voyage safely back to Earth. As time ticks away, our team begins solving for clues integral to their survival, and soon realizes that the search for their missing captain may not be what it seems…”

Completion of the mission unlocked a special customization station where guests could experiment with their style and wearable AR before returning to the party.


Agency: Happylucky
Designer: Ricky Young
Copywriter: Brandon Wells
AR Partner: 14four