Goodbye Gravity Social Strategy

Role: Creative Direction
, Art Direction

Along with an exclusive, immersive brand experience, I led a team to develop a far-reaching influencer strategy shared on multiple social platforms to reach consumers who could not attend the event.  

On Finish Line owned and influencer social channels, and with a focus on TikTok and instagram, we extended the story of the adidas and ISS partnership to consumers, driving sales and building brand hype in unexpected and exciting ways.

To increase consumer engagement and tease the footwear release, we gamified the experience into a series of Instagram-friendly, interactive story posts.

The social strategy included an influencer takeover of Finish Line Instagram and Tiktok channels to walk consumers through the experience.

We also created a super team of VIP influencers and creators to document and share their experience with their followers.

Agency: Happylucky

Designer: Madison Bracken