adidas Holiday 2023

Role: Creative Direction, Strategy, Art Direction, Design Direction

Directing a large, multi-disciplinary team, I led the concept, capture, and execution of photo and video assets for adidas's biggest commercial moment of the year. 

The creative was vibrant and joyful, showcasing high-profile adidas athletes and their families. To engage the Gen-Z consumer, we incorporated current styling trends in hair, makeup, and nails, while also reflecting contemporary language in our headlines and copy.

We developed a variety of social motion content to offer multiple storytelling touchpoints and combat consumer fatigue throughout the 3-month campaign.

Our creative work took over the adidas website and retail displays, and also reaching millions of consumers through Performance Marketing, social media, and PR outreach.

The creative stood out in the noisy commercial landscape and performed well with consumers.

Photographer: Grace Rivera, Jenna Saint Martin, Zach Ancell
DP: Jeredon O’Conner
Art Department: Jade Harris
Production Partner: Mesa Lange Productions
Stylists: Kyle Kagamida, Maki Katsumoto, Marcus Fischer